Love isn’t judgmental. Love is patient. Love is weird, and sometimes gross. Love is illusive and you found it, so treasure
it. ~Liz Lemon

Monday, December 5, 2011

Septemeber 24th is a Good Day!

Reed and I went on our first date to look around temple square on September 24, 2010. We played our ukuleles on a bench and later got ice cream. We clicked as we talked about our families, our past, our hobbies and interests.

Exactly one year later on September 24, 2011 we got hitched! We set the date after 8 months of dating and 7 months of exclusively dating. It was a magical day! We were married in the SLC temple. The sealer gave a beautiful speech that touched the hearts of everyone there. Many described our reception as a dream! Our venue was a historic home on a hill over looking the beautiful lights of Salt Lake City. Our guests enjoyed ice cream sundaes, tarts, and dancing to big band music into the night. It was our dream wedding! But perhaps the best of all was revisiting the bench where we played our ukuleles exactly one year later, he in a nice suit, and I in a white dress.


  1. That is sooo cute! I didn't know that about your first date! Also, I am the FIRST person to follow your blog! :D

  2. I love your blog Chelsea!!! xxx Such a great story!!! So happy for you and Reed! Love to you both xxxxx